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Tel Aviv, Israel – September 16th, 2020

Core IC

RIO SYSTEMS is proud to announce pre-production of a wide range of 8-channels core ICs for antenna beam forming at multiple frequency ranges with state-of-the-art phase precision. Having products ranging from 300 MHz to 15 GHz, the company is able to address multiple applications in commercial and aerospace & defense segments which require antenna beam forming for beam forming L, S, C and X and Ku bands.

In addition to delivering core ICs, RIO SYSTEMS delivers a comprehensive characterization and calibration kits, facilitating the integration and reducing the time-to-market for introduction of its core IC products into complete phase array sub-systems.

Part number Frequency band (GHz) Type Channels
RS7308LR 0.8 – 3.5 RX 8
RS7308L 0.8 – 3.5 TX/RX 4
RS7308CR 3 – 6.2 RX 8
RS7308CT 3 – 6.2 TX 8
RS7308X 8 – 11 TX/RX 4
RS7308XR 8 – 11 RX 8
RS7308XT 8 – 11 TX 8
RS7308K 10.7 – 15 TX/RX 4
RS7308KR 10.7 – 15 RX 8
RS7308KT 10.7 – 15 TX 8



RIO SYSTEMS is a fabless semiconductor company with offices in Israel providing core ICs, phase array solutions, receivers, IP cores and design services. RIO SYSTEMS’s solutions address market segments of wireless mobile, software defined radio base stations, remote radio heads, wireless back-haul, wireless repeaters, DRFM, tactical radios, navigation systems and satellite systems.

With extensive experience in mixed-signal and radio frequency integrated circuits, RIO SYSTEMS offers an extensive IP portfolio, enabling its customers to bring new products to the market at lower development cost, risk and time.