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Products Overview

Rio Systems is a fables semiconductor company providing receiver front-ends, core ICs and software for radio frequency applications.

RS9023 broad band receiver

  • General purpose receiver below 1.8 GHz
  • Applications for GNSS systems
  • Applications in satellite and phase arrays

Core ICs

  • Available at multiple frequency bands below 11 GHz
  • Available as single and dual-polarized core ICs
  • Available at different configurations and MIMO support
    • TX core IC
    • RX core IC
    • TX/RX core IC
  • Number of channels
    • 4 and 8 channels
  • Core IC customization to frequencies at Ku-band and above
  • Phase array calibration
  • Behavioral modeling for the core IC and phase arrays
  • Measurement automatization

Software for radio interface

  • Signal conditioner for supply modulation
  • Echo cancellation and beam forming