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Givat Shmuel, Israel , Sao Paulo, BrazilJune 30th , 2014

Software defined receivers for high precision satellite positioning systems demand for GNSS receiver front-ends that operate over the L1, L2 and L5 frequency bands and provide broadband channel bandwidth. Precisions GNSS receivers expect to meet the precision requirements for applications as autonomous guiding and security systems.

Meeting the stringent positioning accuracy demands, RIO SYSTEMS developed its 2nd generation of GNSS receiver front-end (RS9021) capable to operate over multiple RF frequency bands, broadband channel bandwidth to mitigate the effect of multi-path on the accuracy of the positioning systems and multi-bit data converter.


RIO SYSTEMS is a fabless semiconductor company with offices in Israel and Brazil providing power efficient reconfigurable radio transceivers ICs and platforms. Our reconfigurable radios address market segments of wireless mobile, software defined radio base stations, remote radio heads, wireless back-haul, wireless repeaters, DRFM, tactical radios and SDR navigation systems.

With extensive experience in mixed-signal and radio frequency integrated circuits, RIO SYSTEMS offers an extensive IP portfolio, enabling its customers to bring new products to the market at lower development cost, risk and time.