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Givat Shmuel, Israel and Sao Paulo, Brazil – May 27th, 2015

System and ASIC integration demand for an increase in the use of IP cores to meet the time to market, risk management, complexity and cost of the solution. Aiming to expand the IP offer in the area of analog and mixed-signal circuits, RIO SYSTEMS and LSI-TEC agreed to engage in the collaboration of the development and commercialization of IP cores in multiple technology nodes.

The collaboration between RIO SYSTEMS and LSI-TEC will lower the R&D expenditure in the development of new IP cores and provide state of the art solutions in the IP market (read pdf).



RIO SYSTEMS is a fabless semiconductor company with offices in Israel and Brazil providing power efficient reconfigurable radio transceivers, RFICs and IP cores. RIO SYSTEMS’s solutions address market segments of wireless mobile, software defined radio base stations, remote radio heads, wireless back-haul, wireless repeaters, DRFM, tactical radios, navigation systems and satellite systems.

With extensive experience in mixed-signal and radio frequency integrated circuits, RIO SYSTEMS offers an extensive IP portfolio, enabling its customers to bring new products to the market at lower development cost, risk and time.





LSI-TEC is a Brazilian institution devoted to the development of innovative solutions in the electronic market. Its IC Design House provides IP’s and design services (frontend and backend) for analog, digital and RF integrated circuits in partnership with leading foundries abroad.

LSI-TEC’s IP portfolio includes some cryptographic modules, CRC, interface blocks like SPI, I2C and UART, True Random Number Generator, variable temperature coefficient current source, DAC’s, ADC’s and some simpler blocks, both analog and digital.

For the IC design, LSI-TEC team has large experience with power management, analog signal conditioning, digital signal processing and ARM™ core integration in large digital projects.

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