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Rio Systems offers general purpose receiver front-ends at frequencies below 1.8 GHz. Such receiver front-ends enable the reception of satellite navigation signals in the frequency bands occupied by GNSS systems.

A simplified block partitioning of the receiver front-end comprises of a broadband RF front-end, integrated IF filters, and an option for 2-bit and 4-bit ADCs. Analog baseband signal is also provided to interface with an external ADC. The voltage gain is controlled either by an internally generated AGC signal or by an external gain control signal.

The carrier frequency is provided by a ΣΔ fractional-N synthesizer enabling flexibility in the frequency selection and high frequency resolution. An integer-N ring oscillator PLL synthesizer allows the selection of a wide range of sampling frequencies.

Finally, the receiver provides a bias signal for external circuits. The complete receiver is programmable using standard 32-bit SPI interface.

Key Features

✅ Flexible power management scheme

✅ 4MHz to 24MHz channel bandwidths

✅ 2-bit and 4-bit ADC interface

✅ Analog IF interface

✅ Internally matched LNA

✅ Integrated IF filter

✅ 70dB AGC circuit

✅ Flexible reference frequency

✅ Noise figure < 3dB

✅ Supply voltage: 1.8V / 3.3 V

✅ SPI control interface

✅5mm x 5mm QFN package


✅GNSS systems

✅Phase array calibration

✅Beam forming

✅Wireless communication


✅Receiver IC and documentation

✅Evaluation board

✅GUI and Control software


✅The receiver IC can be customized to meet specific user specifications.