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Design Services

Design services

Supported by the extense database available in the areas of radio transceiver, mixed-signal circuits and power management, RIO SYSTEMS is able to offer IC design services to companies at reduced cost, low design risk and very fast delivery time. 

Our design services include:

  • System definition and specifications
  • Analog and Mixed-signal IC design 
  • RF design 
  • Analog and RF layout design

Combining outstanding system level understanding with proven expertise in the area of IC design, RIO SYSTEMS brings to its clients the IC realization and in many cases the definition of the requirements and specifications for development of the target solution. RIO SYSTEMS has strong expertise in converting discrete solution into ASIC implementation. 

Our business model for design service is flexible and adapts from case to case depending on the level of engagement demanded by the client in order to meet the best interest of the project. 

RIO SYSTEMS provides due-diligence and consultant services to companies that need to have an external analysts for either its own R&D effort or 3rd parties development. 


IC design service partner: ISDA SEMICONDUCTORS P LTD .