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Navigation Receiver IC

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RS9020 Navigation Receiver Front-End

The RS9020 is a broadband GNS receiver front-end. The RS9020 enables the reception of multiple satellite navigation systems in the frequency bands occupied by GPS, Galileo and Glonass navigation systems.

The RS9020 GNS receiver front-end integrates a complex filter to suppress the undesired image frequency and to define the noise bandwidth. 

The RS9020 is well suited for host based navigation systems and for phase array applications.

Key Features

The RS9020 GNS receiver front-end is based on direct conversion architecture. The RS9020 can be configured to either low-IF or zero-IF receiver topologies with internal IF filter in order to support multiple channel bandwidths and sampling frequencies. The software configured channel bandwidth allows the RS9020 to meet the requirements of multiple navigation systems and to set the compromise between the noise bandwidth and amount of side lobe suppression in navigation signals.

The RS9020 RF stage incorporates a differential internally matched low noise amplifier. An external balun and / or SAW filter centered in the frequency band occupied by the navigation systems provides the interface between the RS9020 and the antenna.

The interface with the digital baseband is a 2-bit analog to digital converter based on MAG / SIG configuration. The 1 bit and 1.5 bit interfaces are also supported.  For applications that demand for higher resolution analog to digital converters, such as operation of GNS receivers in strong jamming environments, a differential analog IF signal is provided for connectivity with external ADCs.  

The RS9020 incorporates an internal automatic gain control (AGC) sub-system. An option for an external pulse width modulation (PWM) AGC is also provided. 

The summary of the main characteristics of the RS9020 receiver front-end is outlined below:

  • Flexible power management scheme
  • 4MHz to 24MHz channel bandwidths
  • 2-bit ADC interface (MAG / SIG)
  • Analog IF interface
  • Internally matched LNA
  • Integrated IF filter
  • 70dB AGC circuit
  • Flexible reference frequency
  • Noise figure < 4dB
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V
  • SPI control interface
  • 5mm x 5mm QFN package


The main applications of the RS9020 receiver front-end are:

  • Navigation systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Phase arrays

There are other possible applications for the RS9020 receiver front-end as RF receivers that are not related to navigation systems. Since the RS9020 has a high level of programmability and flexibility, the IC could be configured to alternative applications. In this case, an understanding of the customer specifications and requirements is needed.