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Supply Modulation IC

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RS2010 Supply Modulation

The RS2010 supply modulator is a power management integrated circuit offering broadband supply voltage modulation for wireless power amplifiers and line drivers. Combining the characteristics of switching and linear regulators, the RS2010 delivers ultra-fast supply voltage variations needed to accommodate the envelope modulation requirements of modern braodband communication systems. 

The broadband characteristic of the RS2010 supply modulation enables the realization of broadband transmitters based on envelope elimination and restoration (EER) and on envelope tracking (ET) techniques.

The main benefit of polar transmission architectures as EER and ET is the increase of the power added efficiency (PAE) of power amplifiers while maintaining the composite signal distortion and the transmission mask within the specified values. 

Although the clear benefits of switching regulators over linear regulators in terms of power efficiency, the former suffers from the inherent limited bandwidth of the supply modulation. The RS2010 supply modulation, when integrated in the complete supply modulation solution, provides compensation for the major distortion mechanisms in switching regulators, namely the signal distortion introduced by the low pass filter characteristics and the ripple distortion introduced by the pulse width modulator (PWM). The bandwidth and the switching frequency characteristics of the switching regulator are defined according to maximum power efficiency and to the load conditions. 

Key Features

The RS2010 power management IC applied to supply modulation of power amplifiers incorporates a high power switching regulator, two linear amplifiers capable to drive impedance levels as low as 5 ohms and auxiliary linear regulators to provide additional stable reference voltages. 

The summary of the main characteristics of the RS2010 is outlined below:

  • Broadband frequency of operation
  • 0.4 A output current
  • Multiple reference voltages outputs
  • 3.6 V supply voltage
  • TowerJazz CMOS 180nm
  • Core area: 0.8 mm2
  • QFN 4 mm x 4mm package


The main applications of the RS2010 supply modulation are:

  • Wireless communication systems
  • Power amplifiers
  • Polar transmitters
  • Wired systems

There are other possible applications for the RS2010 supply modulations as general purpose power regulators. Since the RS2010 represents an open topology, alternative applications can be realized. In this case, an understanding of the customer specifications and requirements is needed.