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RS1010 Reconfigurable Radio Transceiver

The RS1010 programmable analog RF processor is a broadband transceiver specified to to support 2G, 3G and 4G cellular standards as well as Wifi and GPS protocols. The RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver addresses multiple system specifications through software definition which enables system integrators to reconfigure the hardware platform according to system requirements and to target applications.

The RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver requires low power consumption, adjusted according to the mode of operation, to offer comparable power efficiency of dedicated radio solutions.

The RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver is based on hybrid transmitter architecture employed, entailing the selection of the optimum transmitter architecture according to the modulation requirements. As a result, the entire system can be configured to meet the highest possible power efficiency and maintain the output spectrum within the transmission mask and error vector magnitude requirements. 

The RS1010 offers the possibility to operate two distinct broadband transmitters at different frequencies.  In addition, the transmission section of the RS1010 includes an integrated band pass filter which minimizes the need of external filters for out of band noise suppression. 

The receiver architecture of the RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver is based on direct conversion zero-IF and low--IF receivers. The channel bandwidth is programmed to meet the signal bandwidth and the out of channel suppression requirements. The maximum bandwidth is set to 20 MHz. Analog IQ interface provides the communication with the digital baseband. 

The main benefits of the RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver can be summarized as (1) reconfigurable radio transceiver platform, (2) factory level scalability, (3) TX and RX calibration, (4) reduced BoM, (5) low power consumption and (6) broadband wireless.

Key Features  

The RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver is based on unique transmitter architecture to support multiple standards without adding external filters. The RS1010 transmitter specifies the maximum transmitter output power level in +17 dBm and the dynamic range of 70 dB. The choice of the frequency plan in the RS1010 enables the control over the spurious level, the image rejection and the operation of multiple communication standards without compromising the area occupied by te entire transmission system. 

The RS1010 silicon are is around 9 mm2.  The communication of the RS1010 with the external environment is made through a standard SPI interface. The RS1010 operates with supply voltage of 1.8 V and 3.3 V IOs.

The key features of the RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver are outlined below:

  • Hybrid transmitter topology
  • Reconfigurable direct conversion receiver
  • No need for TX filters (BoM reduction).
  • Frequency range: 800 MHz and 5.2 GHz.
  • Power management at each functional unit
  • Generic FEM and baseband interfaces
  • Flexible frequency plan
  • SPI control interface


The main applications of the RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceiver are:

  • Cellular and wireless systems
  • Remote radio heads and access points
  • Sub 6 GHz wireless multiplexers
  • Sub 6 GHz wireless repeaters
  • Sub 6 GHz digital RF memory

There are other possible applications for the RS1010 reconfigurable radio transceivers as general purpose software defined transceivers. Since the RS1010 has a high level of programmability and flexibility, the IC could be configured to alternative applications. In this case, an understanding of the customer specifications and requirements is needed.