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RIO SYSTEMS and LSI-TEC announces the RS2541L mixed signal analog front-end

Jul. 14, 2016
RIO SYSTEMS and LSITEC announce the development of the RS2541L mixed-signal analog front-end core. The IP core comprises of the RS2540L direct digital synthesizer core and the RS8660L dual-channel current steering digital to analog converters.

Cypriot SignalGeneriX and Israeli RIO Systems are joining forces for the development of an innovative full-duplex wireless communication device

Jul. 7, 2015
The two high-tech SMEs from Cyprus and Israel, which successfully collaborated in research and development the last ten years, have recently teamed up with the leading Cyprus-based KIOS research centre and raised a total of 250k euro funding for the development of a commercial prototype device enabling full-duplex communications.

RIO SYSTEMS and LSI-TEC Cooperate in the Joint Development of Mixed-Signal IP Cores

May. 27, 2015
System and ASIC integrations demand for an increase in the use of IP cores to meet the time to market, risk management, complexity and cost of the solution. Aiming to expand the IP offer in the area of analog and mixed-signal circuits, RIO SYSTEMS and LSI-TEC agreed to engage in the collaboration to the development and commercialization of IP cores in multiple technology nodes.

RIO SYSTEMS initializes the commercialization of special digital IPs

Sep. 18, 2014
Availability IPs minimizes the development risk for complex integrated systems and reduce the time to market. Aiming to strength its IP offer in the digital domain, RIO SYSTEMS initiates the offer of special digital IPs.

RIO SYSTEMS Introduces RS9021 Multibit Programmable GNSS Receiver Front-End

Jun. 30, 2014
RIO SYSTEMS developed its 2nd generation of GNSS receiver front-end (RS9021) capable to operate over multiple RF frequency bands, broadband channel bandwidth to mitigate the effect of multi-path on the accuracy of the positioning systems and multi-bit data converter.