Rio Systems - Reconfigurable Radio Solutions


RIO SYSTEMS provide an extensive intellectual properties (IP) portfolio, enabling its customers to bring new products to the market at the lowest development cost, risk and time.

The IP portfolio is classified according to the core functionality in four categories:

  • Radio frequency (RF) 
  • Analog
  • Mixed-signal 
  • Digital 
  • Radio frequency algorithm

The class of radio frequency IPs consists of the RF front-ends, power detectors, IQ modulators and low noise amplifiers. The analog IPs encompass the power management circuits, filters and low frequency amplifiers. The category of mixed-signal IPs is represented by the data converters and PLL synthesizers. Finally, the digital IPs are basically defined by the sigma-delta modulators and interface cirucits. 

In addition to offer proven IPs, RIO SYSTEMS customizes the analog and RF IPs to meet the specifications requested by its customers.